Michael Horton Critiques the “God of the gaps” Apologetic

In The Christian Faith, Michael Horton unravels the real problem with resolving the tension between theism and and science via the "God of the gaps" apologetic approach.  This approach, for those unfamiliar with the terminology, is used by people who wish to respect the claims of science but also wish to retain a place for… Continue reading Michael Horton Critiques the “God of the gaps” Apologetic

R.L. Dabney’s (Re?)definition of the Covenant of Works

I came across a somewhat strange formulation of the covenant of works (COW), expressed by R.L Dabney in his Systematic Theology. Dabney, a 19th century southern Presbyterian theologian, generally has some very intriguing and insightful comments on various loci of systematic theology. His approach to the COW, however, seems like a bit of a departure… Continue reading R.L. Dabney’s (Re?)definition of the Covenant of Works