On an Appropriate Use of Background Studies for Biblical Interpretation

A co-laborer in a sister denomination (CanRC), Rev. Dr. Wes Bradenhoff, wrote an interesting post yesterday about John Walton’s approach to Genesis 1 and I wanted to write a follow-up to it, not so much a post registering any disagreement with Wes, but more a “yes, although also …” type of post. I thought I’d… Continue reading On an Appropriate Use of Background Studies for Biblical Interpretation

Great deal – One day only!

Eisenbrauns has Kenton Sparks book, Ancient Texts for the Study of the Hebrew Bible: A Guide to the Background Literature, as their deal of the day for today (March 17, 2010).  $19.98 + S&H will get you this amazing resource (note: this is less than Amazon.com!). This book is an enormous annotated list of ANE… Continue reading Great deal – One day only!

Deconstructing A Title . . .

I was looking through my Zondervan Academic catalog that arrived in the mail today and came across a title for a forthcoming book that rubbed me the wrong way.  Well, to be more specific, the sub-title rubbed me the wrong way, which made me go back and get wrongly-rubbed by the title.  I haven't read… Continue reading Deconstructing A Title . . .