Confessional Reformed Theology in Regina, Saskatchewan

For any Canadians living in or around Regina looking for a Confessional Reformed church, go here! Fellow Westminster Seminary California alum and co-laborer in the URCNA, Brian Cochran, is about to be installed as the pastor at Redeemer Reformation Church in Regina, Saskatchewan.  I wanted to give a little plug for their new website and… Continue reading Confessional Reformed Theology in Regina, Saskatchewan

Classic Words on Classical Liturgies: A Guest Post By Danny Hyde

Charles W. Baird's book, The Presbyterian Liturgies: Historical Sketches (Eugene: Wipf & Stock,reprinted  2006), is one of the classics of Reformed liturgical literature from the 19th century. Although surpassed by more recent works (e.g., Thompson, Liturgies of the Western Church; Old, The Patristic Roots of Reformed Worship), it remains a valuable introductory survey for those… Continue reading Classic Words on Classical Liturgies: A Guest Post By Danny Hyde

Great Resources on the Church Calendar by Danny Hyde

Here at the Reformed Reader, we're honored to have URCNA co-laborer and author, Danny Hyde, jump in and do some guest posting.  Just to put in a shameless plug for Danny, check out some of his books: Jesus Loves the Little Children: Why We Baptize Children (Danny's outstanding defense of paedo-baptism) With Heart and Mouth:… Continue reading Great Resources on the Church Calendar by Danny Hyde

Herman Bavinck on “the Communion of the Saints”

It's been a while since I've been able to contribute to the blog over here.  Thanks to Shane for his hard work in keeping new and interesting "Reformed Readings" coming our way for the past couple of months.  Hopefully I'll be able to dive in with some sporatic posts here and there! In doing some… Continue reading Herman Bavinck on “the Communion of the Saints”

The Church Order: Aren’t these just “man made” rules?

Nelson Kloosterman, in his chapter entitled "Office Bearers and Church Government" (in the book Called to Serve: Essays For Elders and Deacons), tackles the matter of an authoritative church order that is used in a church committed to sola scriptura. Though many Christian traditions speak disparagingly of church orders - as though they were simply… Continue reading The Church Order: Aren’t these just “man made” rules?