Why Study Theophany?

While a number of studies over the years have looked at God's appearing in theophany (a literal combination of the words God/θεος + To shine, become visible, appear/φαινω), several recent studies have been devoted to considering this topic biblically-theologically. Vern S. Poythress' newly published Theophany: A Biblical Theology of God's Appearing (Crossway, 2018) is an… Continue reading Why Study Theophany?

The Use of the OT by the NT: Transformed Organic Development

Debates over the way in which the NT cites and interprets the OT are not new. While some have argued for too simplistic of an identification between the OT texts and their NT interpretation, others have gone to the opposite extreme, asserting that the NT writers used completely non-contextual interpretive methods. G.K. Beale has been… Continue reading The Use of the OT by the NT: Transformed Organic Development

John Owen’s “Biblical Theology” on Sale Now!

Pick it up for $22.50 (50% off) from Reformation Heritage Books - use this link for the coupon code!  Don't wait - it looks like this deal won't last long! Though known primarily for his English works, John Owen also published this lesser known work in Latin, intended for an international scholarly audience, entitled Theologoumena… Continue reading John Owen’s “Biblical Theology” on Sale Now!

John Owen on the Divine Voice in Scripture

We've looked in a number of posts at how it is that the word of God is also the words of men.  This is an important thing to emphasize in the present evangelical milieu wherin which many with a shallow approach to God's word are so uncomfortable with the earthiness of scripture that they bend… Continue reading John Owen on the Divine Voice in Scripture

New From Richard Gamble . . .

Thanks to Alex for drawing my attention to this fairly recent volume by professor at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Richard C. Gamble. This is vol. 1 of a projected 3 volume set in which, according to the publisher, "Richard Gamble offers a comprehensive theology attuned to the methodological advantages of biblical theology combined with the… Continue reading New From Richard Gamble . . .