Tonight (Jan 21) – John Fesko talks about Baptism

If you are in Los Angeles/Orange County area and have a free evening, come on out to the Christ Reformed Church Author's Forum to hear John Fesko of Westminster Seminary California as he talks about his new book Word, Water, Spirit: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism. This is a great opportunity to meet the author,… Continue reading Tonight (Jan 21) – John Fesko talks about Baptism

Interesting Article on Infant Baptism in the Early Church

Anthony N.S. Lane has an article in Tyndale Bulletin (2004) regarding the practice (or non-practice, depending on your position!) of infant baptism in the early church.  While this is definitely not a new discussion (picked up recently here), Lane provides an interesting approach in this paper. Here is the abstract: The direct evidence from the… Continue reading Interesting Article on Infant Baptism in the Early Church

Interesting New Book on Baptism

I came across this new, 800+ page tome on baptism in the early church.  Should be a welcome addition to discussions of how baptism was practiced by the first few centuries of Christianity!  We'll see if this book finally settles the debate about whether infant baptism was practiced from the get go or not!  <grin>… Continue reading Interesting New Book on Baptism

Zwingli on Infant Baptism in the OT

The early Reformer Huldreich Zwingli wrote a helpful treatise against early baptists.  The title of this treatise (which made me chuckle at first) is Refutation of the Tricks of the Catabaptists.  Though Zwingli isn't always the best to read, in my opinion, this tract is more than worthwhile. For example, he uses Paul's discussion in 1 Cor 10.1-2 (our… Continue reading Zwingli on Infant Baptism in the OT

Kuyper on Children and the Lord’s Supper

In his helpful little booklet, The Implications of Public Confessions (trans. Henry Zylstra, [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1934]), Abraham Kuyper wrote about the aspects of public confession of faith.  In it he commented on baptized children and the Lord's Supper: should kids partake? An infant "is not yet qualified to receive the sacrament of nourishment.  We must… Continue reading Kuyper on Children and the Lord’s Supper