The Relationship Between Wisdom and Apocalyptic

A few years ago, I took a seminar devoted to exploring the relationship between wisdom literature and apocalyptic literature.  Initially I thought the decision to combine the two had more to do with paucity of the literature, something along of the lines of: "well, there isn't enough wisdom literature on which to do a whole… Continue reading The Relationship Between Wisdom and Apocalyptic

John Collins on Referentiality and Apocalyptic Literature

I came across some interesting quotes in The Apocalyptic Imagination dealing with (1) how apocalyptic literature relates to the extra-textual world, and (2) how older approaches to the composition of apocalyptic material often fall short by excising material that doesn't make sense.  (Note: because we're talking about apocalyptic literature here, this makes the discussion a… Continue reading John Collins on Referentiality and Apocalyptic Literature

Apocalyptic Symbols of Scripture

While studying the apocalyptic portions of Scripture, here is a good one liner worth pondering: "The symbols are not interested in mediating information so much as they are intended to alter perception." Note: in the context of this quote, Jacobsen is discussing how Scripture doesn't simply pass along informative facts or propositions; Scripture does things to… Continue reading Apocalyptic Symbols of Scripture