Joseph in Potiphar’s House (Genesis 39) and its Egyptian Literary Parallels?!

Old Testament specialists have a tendency to love ancient Near Eastern (ANE) literature.  This is not always the case, but it does seem to be often the case.  I once heard a very unofficial statistic, that were it not for OT studies, perhaps 95% of the students currently taking Akkadian in American university classrooms would… Continue reading Joseph in Potiphar’s House (Genesis 39) and its Egyptian Literary Parallels?!

Another Great Eisenbrauns Deal – Act Fast!

Today Eisenbrauns has Lowell K. Handy's dissertation-turned-monograph Among the Host of Heaven: The Syro-Palestinian Pantheon as Bureaucracy for the low price of $7.95 + S&H. This is a really interesting volume, considering biblical and Ugaritic sources (among others) in noting how levels of the northwest Semitic pantheon can be correlated with class levels of a… Continue reading Another Great Eisenbrauns Deal – Act Fast!