Some thoughts on the endings of Kings and Chronicles

The OT lesson in church this morning got me thinking of the differences between the endings of the books of Kings and Chronicles.  In this post, I thought I'd sort of "think out loud" about the different goals of these books as seen in their final chapters. It's interesting that Kings ends with Judah in… Continue reading Some thoughts on the endings of Kings and Chronicles

Elijah: “The Prophetic Hinge”

Ronald B. Allen wrote a nice article ("Elijah the Broken Prophet" Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 22.3 [1979], 193-202) on Elijah's life and ministry. Though I do not fully agree with each point Allen makes, the essay is helpful. I'll put the best part of the essay here: "...It is not just in miraculous… Continue reading Elijah: “The Prophetic Hinge”