Nicotine Theological Journal Subscription

In the past, I’ve spent hours looking for information online about subscribing to The Nicotine Theological Journal, a journal co-edited by John Muether and Darryl Hart. I thought I’d post this information here in order to make it easier for those doing Internet searches about the journal to find information about subscription. To subscribe, send… Continue reading Nicotine Theological Journal Subscription

Kenneth R. Samples: “A World of Difference”

I’ve been reading through my copy of Kenneth R. Samples’ new book A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test. Ken is not only an excellent lecturer, as evidenced by his amazing Sunday school and Academy courses at Christ Reformed Church, he is an equally clear and cogent writer. In chapter 2,… Continue reading Kenneth R. Samples: “A World of Difference”