Back to School Aramaic Sale . . .

Eisenbrauns has a nice sale going on this week on Aramaic and Syriac materials (i.e., grammars, lexica, etc.). The grammars by both Frederick Greenspahn and Franz Rosenthal are especially noteworthy. I only regret having purchased Rosenthal a few weeks back for about $10 more! Patience is a virtue that I need to spend a bit… Continue reading Back to School Aramaic Sale . . .

Scott Clark on Who Should Go to Seminary

Check out this excellent post over on the Heidelblog. Clark's discussion of the internal and external call is especially helpful. Listen to what he says about the external call: The second part of the call is external. The external call operates on two levels, informal and formal. if your local congregation has identified certain gifts… Continue reading Scott Clark on Who Should Go to Seminary

The Old Testament and It’s “Southern Accent” Y’all . . .

As I begun to note some of the Northern/Southern (i.e., Israel/Judah) distinctions found throughout the Old Testament text (e.g., how various traditions reflect upon Northern and Southern kings), I began to wonder if the Biblical text could be analyzed linguistically to see whether evidence of Northern or Southern dialects could be found therein. After all,… Continue reading The Old Testament and It’s “Southern Accent” Y’all . . .

A new look for The Reformed Reader

Things are somewhat under minor-construction over here at the Reformed Reader. As some of you know, I get a bit fickle about the blog layout and need to tweak it now and again. Everything should be up and running just fine, although you may see new little things changing here and there as we get… Continue reading A new look for The Reformed Reader

Zondervan Reader’s Old Testament

By Andrew Great news came across the list-serve for the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH). Zondervan is publishing an Old Testament version of it's Reader's Greek New Testament! Check out a .pdf preview here. Now finally a way to stay in the Hebrew text without having to constantly flip through a lexicon and… Continue reading Zondervan Reader’s Old Testament