The Most Powerful Thing We Can Say (Welch)

I’ve mentioned this helpful book before: Side by Side by Ed Welch. It’s a very good resource on friendships and the details of Christians walking through life with other Christians – together. In the fourth chapter Welch discusses the weight of sin. One section of the chapter discusses some of the blessings or benefits that come from realizing the weight of our own sins. For example, it drives us to Jesus and it brings humility. A third benefit of seeing our own sin is this: It is the “beginning of power and confidence.”

When we see our sin, we are seeing the Spirit’s conviction, which means we are witnessing spiritual power, but that power feels different from what we expect. It’s not like worldly power. Spiritual power feels like a struggle, or weakness, or neediness, or desperation. It is simply, ‘I need Jesus,’ which is the most powerful thing we can say. It means that our confidence is not in ourselves or in either our righteousness before God or our reputation before others. Our confidence is in Jesus, and that confidence cannot be shaken.

Just imagine: no more hiding from God, no more defensiveness in our relationships. When we have wronged others, we simply ask their forgiveness. Our security in Jesus gives us the opportunity to think less often about what others think of us. It gives us freedom to make mistakes and even fail. No longer do we have to build and protect our own kingdom.

Ed Welch, Side by Side, p. 45.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015

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