The Greatest Source of Trouble in the Life of Faith (Manton)

In his treatise, The Life of Faith, Thomas Manton (d. 1677) spent some time explaining how to improve one’s cheerful walking with God in obedience. For example, he wrote about meditating on God’s promises and pleading God’s promises in prayer. In this section, Manton also wrote a very brief paragraph explaining the source of all spiritual trouble in the life of faith. In other words, when we have troubles in our faith, from where do they come? Here’s his answer – I’ve edited it very slightly:

All trouble comes from not rightly sorting and comparing things:
Seeking that on earth which is only to be had in heaven,
Seeking that in the creatures which is only to be found in God,
Looking for that from self which is only to be found in Christ,
and seeking that in the law which is only to be had in the gospel.

What a paragraph! That’s worth reading several times for sure. And I do believe Manton is right!

The above quote is found on page 55 of Manton’s Works, volume 15.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI

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