Living The Story We Believe (Baraka)

As I’ve mentioned here before, Sho Baraka’s song, “Fathers, 2004” is one of my favorite songs. It made me get his book, He Saw That it Was Good. Speaking of, I was recently listening to Baraka’s music and this all made me think of the “story” aspect he highlighted in his book. Here it is:

Many of us are blind to the storytelling we do as we travel through our personal narrative arc. The decisions we make communicate our beliefs about the world. But do we see the story? Rarely. But we are still living out a story – a plot with setting, characters, conflict, and (maybe) resolution. We are participating in the creation of our narrative, either passively or actively.

The question we must ask ourselves is, ‘What is the story I’m telling with my life and work?’ Or asked another way, ‘How do my life and work paint what I believe about God?’ You see, we live the story we believe. If we passively float through life, reacting only to the actions of others, our story is likely to be far from its potential. But if we believe what God said about us, how we were made in the image of the Creator himself – well, wouldn’t that change everything? Wouldn’t that set us free to live our true story, our true creative life? …

…When we lose the story, we lose ourselves.

Sho Baraka, He Saw that It Was Good, p. 9, 12.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015