Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: A Brief Review

For the past few months I’ve been working through Kostenberger/Merkle/Plummer’s ”Going Deeper with New Testament Greek” (B&H Academic, Nashville: 2020). Although I did take Greek in college and in seminary, from time to time I like to get a new Greek grammar/syntax in order to keep learning the language. I’m about 60% finished with Going Deeper, and so far I really appreciate it. It’s similar to other Greek grammar/syntax books, of course, but Going Deeper includes some of the more recent Greek language discussions and findings.

Each chapter has a helpful structure: First, there are a few paragraphs that explain the practical significance of the lesson. Next is a paragraph summarizing the chapter objectives. The third section of the chapter is an explanation of the chapter’s grammatical concept (e.g. the case, verb, participle, etc.). Fourth, the chapter has examples of the uses of the Greek grammar being discussed (e.g. the uses of the nominative or the uses of the pronouns). There’s also a helpful chart in each chapter along with some vocabulary to memorize, practice exercises that reinforce the lesson, and a helpful example of reading the NT in light of what the chapter just covered.

The appendices include a master vocab list, a Scripture reference, an index of terms/concepts, and a chart of the various case uses by various other Greek grammars. Overall this book is a very helpful resource for learning the grammar and syntax of NT Greek. It’s not as long as Wallace’s similar book, but it is in my view comparative to Wallace. Having said that, I do wish Going Deeper had a master chart with all the uses of all the grammatical concepts.

There are a few parts of this book that I’ve found especially helpful. I appreciate the authors’ walk-through of doing a proper word-study. I’ll come back to that and mention it here at a later date. I also appreciate how this book, Going Deeper, interacts with other well-known Greek grammars. It does stand on the shoulders of good Greek grammars in the past. Overall, I do recommend Going Deeper with New Testament Greek by Andreas Kostenberger, Benjamin Merkle, and Robert Plummer. And as a bonus, I noticed that right now it’s only $15.00 on Amazon! That’s a super good deal. Finally, as an FYI, one of the authors, Robert Plummer, is the “Daily Dose of Greek” video host – and Daily Dose is another great Greek resource!

Kostenberger, Merkle, and Plummer, Going Deeper with New Testament Greek

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015