Some Great Quotes by Abraham Kuyper

While looking for a certain quote, I was reading through my highlights in To be Near unto God by Abraham Kuyper. I had forgotten some of the great lines in this helpful book. If you’ve not read it, and you want to read some Kuyper, I recommend it! Here are some of my favorite shorter quotes from this book:

There are no monastic walls so thick, or places in forests so distant, but Satan has means to reach them. 

When we are truly servants of God, money will be a servant to us. 

Without regeneration there is no true religion.

When the Lord seeks you and lays his hand upon your shoulder, do not draw back. Kneel at his feet. Offer thanks to him and worship.

Fire in the heart of one strikes fire in the heart of the other.

Purely intellectual knowledge of God is a frozen crust of ice from under which the stream has run dry.

No star has been placed in the firmament but has been called to shine for God’s glory.

In our prayer-life there is danger that we seek a gift from God rather than God himself. 

When therefore Christ is not surely worshipped as God, and knees are not bent before him as God, Christianity is gone. 

The Ascension has not impoverished, but enriched us. 

A life without cares, without troubles, without sorrows and disappointments, easily spoils one. 

True prayer is always clothed with deep humility.

The nearer we are to the world, the farther away we are from God. And the nearer we are to God, the greater the distance between us and the world.

The human heart is an impenetrable riddle. 

Young preachers of tender consciences, have frequently been bound to confess that they were put to shame by the godliness of many a plain member of their congregation.

It should be carefully observed, that like a thief, Satan is most pleased when his presence and his work are not noticed. 

As a bride lives solely and alone for her bridegroom, so must God’s people live solely and alone for God. 

We must frequently ask ourselves: If you had nothing, absolutely nothing aside from God, would your soul be perfectly satisfied? 

Kuyper, Abraham. To Be Near unto God. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans-Sevensma Co., 1918.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015