The Compelling Worldview of the Christian Faith (Baraka)

Near the end of his book, He Saw That It Was Good, Sho Baraka gives a brief but helpful personal testimony about the Christian worldview. He puts it quite well – and I must say that it reflects my own testimony in some ways!

I first heard the gospel message preached as a young man. I see now that I was intrigued by Jesus because I was afraid of hell. But as I’ve matured, I’ve been drawn to Jesus because of much more than my desire to escape from the consequences of sin. Yes, I’m grateful to no end that I’m free from the ultimate consequence of an eternity without God. However, I find Christianity even more compelling because of its beneficial worldview. It keeps me motivated to operate in a world of corrupted ideas, systems, and people in need of heavenly hope.

Once my faith took on flesh and walked within me, I could see it work and live. I had the theological imagination to see how my creative life would be a blessing to the world I could feel a good God who gives good gifts….

Sho Baraka, He Saw That It Was Good, p. 159.

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54015

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