In Christ You Are… (Kuyper)

There’s a most wonderful phrase in Romans 3:24: …and are justified freely by his grace…. Obviously this phrase about grace is part of Paul’s larger discussion in Romans about justification by faith alone in Christ alone. It’s a beautiful reality for the Christian! I appreciate Abraham Kuyper’s devotional paragraph on this thought combined with Revelation 1:5:

“Believe it wholly, confess it continually, let it be your comfort on your death-bed; that in yourself you are leprous and wanting altogether, but that in Christ you are justified before God, and freed from all sin. In Christ you are so free, that if you were to die in this moment, you would be found in eternity to have an immaculate purity like that of the angels. Satan could find no cause for charging uncleanness against you. You are justified and are justified freely.”

Abraham Kuyper, Implications of Public Confession, p. 73-74.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015