Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

The Incomparableness of God - George Swinnock - 9781848715363

At one point in his book, The Incomparableness of God, George Swinnock reflected on how God’s word is incomparable. He said that the depths and profundities of Scripture could not possibly have been imagined or made up by people or angels. Swinnock then asked a series of rhetorical questions to emphasize his point.

…Who could have imagined that God should become man, infinite become finite, the Creator a creature… and the Lord of life be put to death? Who could conceive, that he who made all things of nothing, should be made himself of a woman, made by him? That he whom the heavens, and heavens of heavens cannot contain, should be contained in the narrow womb of a woman? That the only bread of life should be hungry, the only water of life be thirsty; the only rest be weary, the only ease be pained, and the only joy and consolation be sorrowful, excceedingly sorrowful unto death?

Who could have imagined that one, yea, millions, should be rich by another’s poverty, filled by another’s emptiness, be exalted by another’s disgrace, healed by another’s wounds, eased by another’s pains, be absolved by another’s condemnation, and live eternally by another’s temporal death? Who could have imagined that infinite justice and infinite mercy should be made fast friends, and fully satisfied by one and the same action; that the greatest fury and the greatest favor, the greatest hatred and the greatest love, should concur in, and be manifested by one and the same thing? Could men or angels speak such mysteries? Surely no….

George Swinnock, The Incomparableness of God, p. 105-106.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015