Christ Loves You Therefore He Prays for You (Boston)

Volume one of Thomas Boston’s Complete Works is basically a treatise on the main Christian doctrines (God, Scripture, creation, man, etc.). Each chapter gives the biblical teaching on these topics. In his chapter on Christ’s priestly office, Boston gave seven reasons why Christ continually intercedes for his people. It’s a comforting reality to know that Christ is always interceding for us. It’s additionally comforting to know why he does. One reason why Christ intercedes for his people is because of his great love for them. Here’s how Boston said it while alluding to Ephesians 3:18-19:

He intercedes for his people, because of that matchless and amazing love which he bears to them. He loves them with a love infinitely transcending the reach of human or angelic conception; he loves them with a love that knows neither height nor depth, breadth nor length, but is absolutely incomprehensible. His love to them brought him down from heaven, and made him willingly undergo all those sorrows and sufferings, which like impetuous torrents poured in upon him. And certainly, seeing in his love and in his pity he purchased eternal redemption for them, he will never cease to plead for the application of it to them. Seeing in such plentiful streams he shed his precious blood to save them, it is not to be imagined that he will spare his prayers for them.

Followers of Christ can take much comfort in his deep and great love for them. And we can also remember that because he loves us, he not only gave up his life to rescue us, but he also continually intercedes for us before his Father in heaven.

(The above quote is found on page 474 of Boston’s Works, volume 1.)

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015