A More Life-Affirming Worldview (Pearcey)

The following section of Nancy Pearcey’s Love Thy Body is very helpful. Here are some great thoughts for Christians.

…As Christian influence wanes, will Western culture revert back to a sexual free-for-all like that of the ancient world? If so, Christians will once again need to muster their courage to be radically countercultural. And they will one again need to be prepared to minister to the victims of sexual abuse and predation – those wounded by the sexual revolution. They must do the hard work of making a case for the beauty of the biblical sex ethic with both their words and their lives.

Christians must once again become known as those who honor the whole person. The reason they speak out on moral issues should not be because their beliefs are threatened or because they feel ‘offended.’ They should erase the word offended from their vocabulary. After all, Christians are called to share in the offense of the cross. This is not about us.

Christians must make it clear that they are speaking out because they genuinely care about people. No matter how compelling the case for a biblical ethic, people rarely change their minds based on intellectual arguments alone. They are even less likely to change if all they hear is moral condemnation. People must be drawn in by a vision that attracts them by offering a more appealing, more life-affirming worldview. Christians must present biblical morality in a way that reveals the beauty of the biblical view of the human person so that people actually want it to be true. And they must back up their words with actions that treat people with genuine dignity and worth.

Nancey Pearcy, Love Thy Body, p. 189-190.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015

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