A Handbook of Bible Promises

I recently ran across a helpful resource that approaches the main teachings of Scripture from the perspective of God’s promises: Handbook of Bible Promises by Martin Manser and Mike Beaumont. It’s something like a systematic theology book with an emphasis on the promises of God. This book is also full of Scripture references which makes it a valuable resource.

There are six main parts: 1) Knowing God, 2) Trusting Jesus, 3) Growing in the Spirit, 4) Belonging to the Church, 5) Living in the World, and 6) Getting Ready for the Future. Each section has several chapters covering the topic. There is also a ton of application in each section that is based on the Bible verses under discussion. I also like the hymn at the end of each chapter which reflects the main teaching of the chapter.

Let me give a more detailed example. In part two (Trusting Jesus) there are chapters that talk about the promised Savior, making the promise our own, the promise of a new beginning, the promise of peace, the promise of forgiveness, and the promise of being discipled. Each of these sections work through Scripture texts about these themes. The chapters end with a part called “Relevance for Today.” It gives phrases of Bible teaching and Scripture reference for each one (God sustains us; Possessions do not bring peace; Peace is for all who trust; etc.).

If you’re looking for a book about God’s promises that is structured in a systematic way, this is one to look at. I don’t necessarily agree with every comment of the authors, but it is a well structured resource. It’s a great book to have if you want to search the Scriptures and focus on the promises of God!

Here’s a link to the Logos edition. (The Logos edition is super easy to navigate and use because the Scripture references are hyperlinked).

Here’s a link to the paperback edition. (I own the Logos edition so I can’t comment on the print edition.)

Shane Lems
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