My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

Today Logos Bible Software released the newest version: Logos 9. I’ve been using Logos for around eight years and I’m very impressed with this software in almost every way. Most of the time I’ve been pleased with the updates and new features that are added. The same goes for Logos 9. This truly is a major upgrade that has quite a few brand new features and many helpful updates. I don’t have time or space to list all the new and updated features of Logos 9 here. However, I do want to mention a few aspects of Logos 9 that I’ve found helpful. As a Logos Partner, I was able to utilize early versions of Logos 9 for my own studies. Here are my thoughts after giving Logos 9 a very extensive test run.

Dark Mode: I really like this feature! I’m one of those people who does not like bright computer screens. I use blue-light blocking glasses to help fight eye strain. Dark mode in Logos 9 is great since I’m using it for around 6-8 hours a day. The only thing to note is that it makes some of my highlights look funny – no big deal though. Summary: Dark Mode really is helpful.

Sermon Builder and Sermon Manager: I have to admit I have not really used the sermon writing feature on Logos before Logos 9. However, since these features have been updated I’ve been using Logos 9 to write sermons. In fact, for my sermon studies the last few weeks I’ve only used Logos 9 to do every part of my study. I do my text translation and study comments/notes using Logos’ Notes feature. I write my sermon outline using Logos’ Sermon Builder. It automatically syncs to the Logos app on my iPad. I then preach my sermon on my iPad using the Logos app which has an excellent presentation mode. All the sermons and notes are easily accessible in the Sermon Manager. Summary: Logos 9 makes it possible to do all your sermon study, prep, and presentation in one place.

Factbook: The updated Factbook is a very powerful Bible study tool. Let me give an example. If I want to learn more about Nineveh, I type it in the Factbook and all sorts of information pops up very quickly. Right there I get Bible dictionary articles about Nineveh, maps, key Bible passages about Nineveh, Hebrew/Greek terms/definitions, major Bible events at Nineveh, a timeline, and so on. This is super helpful whether I need a just a little info about a topic or a lot of info about a topic. Summary: Factbook is a quick, powerful, and excellent resource for studying Scripture.

Charts: With the Charts feature on Logos 9 you can pick and word in Scripture and make a visual chart showing where and how often the word appears. In fact, you can pick which type of chart to use: bar, column, pie, donut, etc. This is great for visual learners! Summary: the Charts feature is a great help for visualizing where terms are found in Scripture.

There are more things worth mentioning for sure! If you want to read more about the features of Logos 9, go HERE. I do have to mention that there are a few aspects of Logos 9 that could use improvements. For example, the word processing part of Notes and the Sermon Builder could be a bit more robust. Organizing notebooks is somewhat complicated. I wish I could edit sermons from the Sermon Builder on the iPad Logos app. Thankfully the Logos team works super hard to fix glitches and send out helpful updates. Perhaps these things will be addressed in the future.

I realize Logos can be expensive if you get some of the bigger packages. I understand! It might be a little outdated, but in 2019 I did give some money saving ways to build a Logos library. Here’s the link. At the same time, once you start learning all the features and shortcuts of Logos, it really is an awesome tool for studying the Word. I love doing word studies and cross references with Logos. I also love digging into the Hebrew and Greek nuances with the lexicons and grammars I have on Logos. And I believe Logos has helped me write better sermons because it pushes me further into Scripture.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. For a total disclosure, since I am a Logos Partner I do receive a commission when my links are used. At the same time, I would not promote Logos Bible Software if I did not use it myself and highly recommend it. It truly is excellent Bible software. And yes, Logos 9 hits it out of the park!

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54015

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