Faith, Reason, Evidences (Zacharias)

I always appreciate Ravi Zacharias’ lectures and books. He always spoke and wrote with such love and concern for people and it was balanced well with presenting the truths of the Christian faith in an “apologetic” way (as in defending the faith). Here’s a section I was reading today from his book, The Logic of God. It’s about faith, reason, the resurrection, and evidences:

I will repeat what I’ve said before: God has put enough into the world to make faith in Him a most reasonable thing. But He has left enough out to make it impossible to live by sheer reason or observation alone. You will recall, for example, that the resurrection of Jesus caught even the disciples by surprise. They did not believe at first that Jesus had risen from the dead. Their understanding of reality was foundationally challenged. All of life and destiny would now have to be reinterpreted. They thought that perhaps Jesus’ resurrection was some fanciful story conjured up by hallucinating people. Their entire hope in Him was politically based – that Jesus would overthrow Rome. But a political victory would have been only a superficial solution, for Jesus came to open the eyes of the blind and to transform hearts and minds. I wonder whether multiple evidences that Jesus had risen from the dead would make any difference to modern-day atheists, or would they be tossed away…?

You see, the problem with evidence is that it is very much limited to the moment and creates the demand for repeated intervention of some sort. I have seen this in my own life over and over. Today it may be a failing business that is in need of God’s intervention. Tomorrow I may want to be healed from cancer. The day after that, I may even want a loved one to be brought back from the dead. There is an insatiable hunger for the constancy of the miracle.

The gospel is true and beautiful and has enough of the miracle to ground it in sufficient reason. But it is also sometimes a hard road becaue of the intertwining of reason and faith. When we come to those places in the road where we long for another ‘proof,’ I pray that we might know that rising beyond reason (to be sure, not violating it) is the constancy of trust in God, and we might sense His presence, for that is really the greater miracle within us. Only through exercising that trust can the moment be accepted and understood as a small portion of a bigger story….

Ravi Zacharias, The Logic of God, p. 142-143.

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54015

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