The Christian’s True Identity (Cruse)

The Christian's True Identity: What It Means to Be in Christ

There are a handful of good books on Christian identity: who we are in Christ. Jerry Bridges wrote “Who Am I,” Melissa Kruger wrote “Identity Theft,” Richard Lints wrote “Identity and Idolatry,” and so on. It’s nice to have good Christian resources for a biblical view of identity!

Here’s another helpful book on Christian identity to add to your list: “The Christian’s True Identity” by Jonathan Cruse. It’s a 150 page devotional sort of book that expounds ten New Testament texts that have to do with our identity “in Christ.” The chapters discuss the NT themes of these aspects of being in Christ: chosen, forgiven, righteous, adopted, secure, and so on. These ten chapters are based on ten sermons Cruse gave on these NT texts. There are also some “for further study” questions at the end of the chapter.

This is a pretty straightforward book that is not too difficult to read. It would make a great ten day devotional for the Christian who wants to study what it means for him or her to be “in Christ.” It would also make a good 10-week study for a book club. I appreciate how “The Christian’s True Identity” basically expounds upon all the blessings we receive from being joined to Christ by faith. Who he is and who I am in him are essential aspects of my Christian identity. This is a faith-strengthening topic for sure and the book is one that helps us focus on our Lord Jesus. Recommended!

Jonathan Cruse, The Christian’s True Identity.

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54015