Music Monday: Fathers (Baraka)

Fathers, 2004

I haven’t done a “Music Monday” post for a few weeks so I figured it’s time again. Today I’d like to highlight the song “Fathers, 2004” by Sho Baraka. I’ve listened to this song a ton; it’s been a blessing and help to me as a father. Here are some lines from it:

First, the lines from a dad to his son:

Son in the land of the passive make sure that you man up
When introduced to a lady it’s always proper to stand up
Never talk behind the back of someone you’re not a fan of
Know when the cops approach you, you might have to put your hands up
Respect all people and show honor to the King
No matter what they think the Lord created all human beings
Be critical, but never partner with defiance
Be happy with who you are all alone in the silence
Pray without ceasing, but keep your eyes on the system
Always speak up for the weak until somebody listens
Don’t marry her if you don’t plan to bury her
If you sweep her off her feet then learn how to carry her…

Here are the lines from a father to his daughter:

Baby girl, make sure your king’s a better man than me
You better believe I know that may be hard to achieve
You’re beautiful, I will always remind you
Never let the culture’s idea of beauty define you
Baby girl, don’t be easily impressed
Stay clothed in righteousness cause it’s harder to undress
I’m tryna raise the next Lena Horne
Fannie Lou Hamer a lady who can bring reform
Be wise and strong
Don’t be a side chick for the ride along
Always be humble whether right or wrong
And know I’ll be here when your friends are gone
When your friends are gone…

Here’s the song info: Sho Baraka, Fathers 2004, from the 2016 album The Narrative.

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54015