The Greek New Testament: Reader’s Edition (UBS5) – A Short Review

The UBS Greek New Testament, Reader's Edition with  Textual Notes--hardcover  -     By: Barclay M. Newman, Florian Voss
 I’ve had my Greek New Testament (UBS 4th Revised Edition) since 2004 when I was in seminary.  It’s been my main NT Greek Bible ever since.  Although I had to tape the spine, it’s held together pretty well. I typically try to keep the same Bibles as long as possible, but recently I purchased the 5th Revised Edition of the UBS Greek New Testament – reader’s edition.  I’ll still use my older Greek Bible for sure, but I like this updated reader’s edition a lot and I see myself using it quite a bit.

Here are some reasons I like it:

  • It’s very solid – the pages are slightly thicker than pages in other Bibles and the hardcover is pretty sturdy.  The page layout is very nice and I like wider margins for notes.
  • There’s a running Greek dictionary on the bottom of each page that contains the parsing and definition of Greek words used less than 30 times in the NT.  Since there are some pretty rare and tough vocab words in the NT, it’s nice to have them handy at the bottom of the page.  I don’t consider it to be cheating when having to look up a rare vocab word.
  • Some of the major text variants are noted.  Usually in a “reader’s Bible,” the critical notes are left out – but it is nice to have some major text variants listed.
  • There’s a dictionary in the back of this Greek NT of words that appear more than 30 times in the NT.  This means that between the running dictionary on each page and the dictionary in the back of the book, the reader has a complete dictionary of all the NT words.  NOTE: these dictionaries only give basic word glosses/meanings and are not meant to be exhaustive dictionaries for exegetical use.

Here are a few pictures in case you’re interested (apologies if the formatting is crazy):


All in all, I very much recommend this Greek NT – Reader’s Edition (UBS 5 – Revised Edition).  It’s reasonably priced (under $40 right now) and is a great tool for Greek students.  The use of this Greek NT will certainly help people learn how to better read the NT in the original language.  Five stars for sure!

The Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition (UBS 5th Revised Edition).

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54002

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