Cooking for God in Heaven (Luther)

  “What does it mean to serve God?” Luther asked in a sermon on Matthew 6:24-34.  He answered his own question echoing Scripture: it means listening to Christ, accepting the gospel, and obeying God.  If we are not obeying God we are not serving him no matter how religious or spiritual our lives may look. In fact, we can serve God in whatever calling he’s called us to do.  We don’t necessarily have to go into some ministry or travel far to serve him.  Here’s Luther:

In every way, therefore, it is serving God when one does what God has commanded, and does not do what God has forbidden.  

When a preacher preaches God’s Word, baptizes, administers the sacrament, exhorts, rebukes, warns the secure, comforts the timid and distressed, in this way he is serving not only men but God, who has ordained and commanded these things; and there is joy in doing them, knowing of a certainty that it is God’s will and command.

In the same way, a poor servant girl has joy in her heart and can say, My job is to cook, make the bed, and clean the house; who has commanded me to do these things? My master and mistress have commanded me to do them.  Who has given them such authority over me? God has ordained this. Ah, then it must be true that I am serving not only them but also God in heaven and that God has pleasure in this. How, indeed could I be more blest? It is tantamount to cooking for God in heaven.

Martin Luther, Complete Sermons of Martin Luther, 7.10-11.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015