Sharing the Gospel, Longing For Conversion (Spencer)

It sometimes makes us nervous to think about sharing the gospel with someone or telling them about the hope we have in Jesus. We worry we might make a mistake or we’re concerned that we might end up looking foolish. If you get a little nervous about sharing the gospel, here are some wise words to think about:

There are few points of duty more difficult for wise and engaged Christians to decide, than it is to decide what they shall say, or whether they shall say anything, to the irreligious persons whom they are accustomed to meet. Many times they are afraid to say anything to them on the subject of religion, lest they should do them an injury by awakening opposition or disgust.

No man can teach them their duty. What may be the duty of one, may not be the duty of another. The question depends upon so many things, upon character, upon intimacy, upon time, place, occasion, age, and a thousand other circumstances, that no wise man will ever attempt to lay down any general rule upon the subject.

But if a Christian’s heart longs for the conversion of sinners as it ought, he will not be likely to err. If he speaks to an unconverted sinner, in love, and alone, and without disputation, and in humility, and in the spirit of prayer, his words will do no harm. He may not be able to do good, but at least he can try. The unconverted in the midst of God’s people, meeting them every day, their friends, their associates, and neighbors, certainly ought not to be able to declare, “ nobody said anything to me,”—“no man cared for my soul.”

Ichabod Spencer, A Pastor’s Sketches, p 377.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI, 54015

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