A Money Saving Way to Grow a Logos 8 Library

Logos8starter.png I realize that not all of our readers are interested in Bible software.  Certainly you can study Scripture very well without computer software!  In fact, sometimes Bible study is better without screens because usually distractions come with screens.  However, for some Christians, Bible software is a good tool that helps with in-depth Bible study and research.  When I was in seminary and in the first part of my ministry I used BibleWorks.  But around seven years ago I stopped using BibleWorks and started using Logos Bible Software.  I’ve written reviews of Logos here before, so I won’t go into it again, but let me say: I really like Logos and it has helped me become a better student of Scripture in many ways.

If you’re like me, you look at Logos and notice that some of the base packages are pretty expensive!  Yes, there’s no getting around it: the Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. packages cost a bunch.  However, there is a less expensive way to build a good Logos library: do it a little at a time over time and watch for deals.

For example, you could get Logos 8 “Fundamentals” for $99.99.  With this package you get the basics: a few Bibles (ESV, CSB, etc.), a few dictionaries, a few commentaries, a few Greek/English and Hebrew/English interlinears, and so forth.  (You can see a complete list here.) Then, sign up for Logos emails and a few times a month you’ll see discounted resources and even free resources.  For example, I often get the free book of the month and then another one with it for less than $5.  I’ve obtained helpful commentaries and also good books by guys like Calvin, Packer, Carson, and so on.  Over time, and without great expense, your library grows.  There’s also a “Sale” page on the Logos website you can check from time to time.  Finally, some Logos resources are pretty inexpensive or even free.  Just go to the “Store” page on the Logos website and sort by price – low to high.  (Side note: if you are on Reformed Reader’s Twitter feed or Facebook feed I do post Logos discounts/sales there.)

For another example, you could get Logos 8 Reformed Starter Base Package for $294 or the regular Logos 8 Starter Base Package for $294 and build on one of these packages in a way mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Of course, there are more expensive Base Packages, but you don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive one.  You can do a slow build and save money that way.

Finally, Logos customer service is quite good.  You can work out payment plans or even tweak some Base Packages and resources to do a sort of custom build package.  And, as I’ve noted before, the Logos team constantly adds new resources and features and also works out the bugs and kinks.

Please let me know if you have questions about Logos. While I don’t work for Logos, I am a Blog Partner who really likes this software and I use it for hours each day in my studies.  It’s been a blessing for me and it has helped my Christian ministry.  I like to think of it as a good Christian tool that is worth the investment.

Here’s the Reformed Reader Logos landing page for more info and a 20% off discount code: Logos Reformed Reader.

Shane Lems
Hammond, WI, 54015