Logos’ New Bible App (6.0.3)

Logos: Bible study and reading  For the past week or so I’ve really enjoyed using Logos Bible Software’s updated app (version 6.0.3). If I remember correctly, this is one of the biggest and most extensive updates to their app.  And let me say it is quite significant!  I did use the Logos app in the past on my iPad and Galaxy phone, so I was somewhat familiar with the older versions of this app.  But the new one is totally new and totally improved


Here are some of the noticeable changes: 1) Tabbed browsing.  This morning on my iPad I had six different tabs open and it worked perfectly fine.  I could quickly switch from the NASB to the Hebrew text to the Hebrew dictionary.  2) You can link the tabs together.  This means you can set it so that all the tabs move to the same verse you’re studying.  3) There’s a reference scanner.  This means you can scan a document and Logos will open the verses referenced in the document.  I’ve tried it a few times and it worked pretty well even when I scanned the page of a book I was reading.  Another aspect of this app I like is how I can read a resource on my iPad and the location and highlights automatically sync to Logos on my MacBook.

The entire layout of the app is updated, so I can’t list all the new and improved features here.  I would very much recommend trying it out!  As of right now if you download the app there are 36 free resources that come with it – I was happy to see I have the NLT and the HCSB now!  It’s also worth mentioning that the app didn’t crash for me on my iPad and it was relatively fast and responsive.

Of course, it’s not the perfect app.  I didn’t figure out how to link the passage guide to the Bible I was using unless I used the passage guide on a split screen.  Also, when you select a Hebrew or Greek word, the “Word Study” option only has three features: definitions, translations, and a few examples from some verses.  I’d like to see a more in-depth Word Study section.  Granted, this is just an app so it won’t do everything the PC/Mac version of Logos will do.  And, to be sure, Logos is good at updating apps by listening to customer feedback, so it will only get better from here.


In summary, I’m very happy with this app and very much recommend it for those who want a very powerful mobile Bible study/research tool.  It’s such a good app you can get quite a bit of Bible study, sermon preparation, and other biblical/theological studies done with it!  I’ll put the links below:




Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI