We Get Back Up Again (Byrd)

Here’s a helpful way to talk about perseverance of the saints:

“Perseverance is humbling.  We desire righteousness, but we fall on our faces.  We look forward to the promise of eternally dwelling with God in holiness, and we know how far we are from it.  We receive God’s grace knowing that we are so utterly undeserving.  We don’t persevere by looking to ourselves.  And this is where Calvin’s teaching on the matter is so comforting.  ‘Christ, then, is the mirror wherein we must, and without self-deception may, contemplate our own election.’  Sure, we will doubt that we have what it takes to persevere to the end.  That’s because we don’t.

“But Christ has already done the work for us, as the author and finisher of our faith.  All our promises are in Christ; praise God!  He had the fitness to persevere, and he is now preserving his own through his Holy Spirit to run to the end.  We will fall as we battle the flesh.  But we get back up again.  Because of the grace we have been given in Christ, we look to him and love righteousness.  We see his work on the cross and we hate sin.  We can confidently run into our Father’s arms in repentance.”

“We can be assured that we will persevere, because we see our preservation as a gift.”

Aimee Byrd, Theological Fitness, p. 94-5.

Shane Lems
Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hammond, WI

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