Focusing on Feelings?

Christians Get Depressed TooHere are some helpful words from a helpful book:

“One of the most common tendencies for those with depression is to focus on feelings and to base beliefs and conclusions on those feelings.  This is especially true of Christians.  For example, they may feel forsaken and conclude that they are forsaken.  Also, in an effort to restore true feelings, there is the tendency to read Bible passages that address the feelings.  But such a focus on the subjective tends only to make things worse.”

“We should encourage the depressed person to move away from the realm of the subjective and to instead think on the objective truths of Christianity, things that are true regardless of our feelings: justification, adoption, the atonement, the attributes of God, and heaven, for example.”

Well stated.  This is also one more good reason for us to know biblical doctrine (such as justification, adoption, etc.)!  It helps keep us standing on the unchanging promises of God rather than our changing feelings and emotions.

The above quote is found on page 97 of David Murray’s book, Christians Get Depressed Too.

Shane Lems

2 Replies to “Focusing on Feelings?”

  1. So very true! While the world stumbles in the “knowledge” that human beings are nothing more than something that crawled out of the slime into a life without purpose, the Christian cherishes the knowledge that they were created by a magnificent creator with intention, for a reason, and for a purpose. Life has no meaning if it has no purpose. Christians have a purpose that must never be forgotten. Biblical doctrine is so important, but is not being taught that much anymore. Maybe there is a correlation between the number of depressed Christians and loss of doctrine being taught in the Church?


  2. Amen! Feelings are neither right nor wrong (after all, G-d did create them!) however feelings are messengers of what is going on underneath, inside ourselves. When we allow G-d to propel us to dig down to the root, we will uncover the lie from the enemy that we are at some level accepting into ourselves. As this is a fallen world, there is not one of us who escapes growing up and living here unscathed. We all have been exposed to lies about our identity. The cure is always to counteract the lie with G-d’s truth. Crucial to know just exactly WHO we are as a born again follower of Jesus and remind ourselves of that precious and powerful identity each and every day. We have such a RICH inheritance positionally. Experientially, we are simply walking out who G-d has made us in Jesus.


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