Only Two Choices (Worldview)

I’m in the middle of this helpful new book by Peter Jones: The Other Worldview: Exploring Christianity’s Greatest Threat (Bellingham: Kirkdale Press, 2015). I’ll come back to it again and give a full review when I’m finished. For now, here’s how Jones briefly describes the two main worldviews – Oneism and Twosim.

Oneism sees the world as self-creating (or perpetually existing) and self-explanatory. Everything is made up of the same stuff, whether matter, spirit, or a mixture. There’s one kind of existence, which, in one way or another, we worship as divine (or of ultimate importance), even if that means worshiping ourselves. Though there is apparent differentiation and even hierarchy, all distinctions are, in principle, eliminated, and everything has the same worth. This is a ‘homocosmology,’ a worldview based on sameness. The classic term for this is ‘paganism,’ worship of nature.

The only other option [twoism] is a world that is the free work of a personal, transcendent God, who creates ex nihilo (from nothing). In creating, God was not constrained by or dependent on any preexisting conditions. There is nothing exactly like this in our human experience of creating; our creative acts are analogous to God’s. There is one God, and there is everything that is not-God – everything created and sustained by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This worldview celebrates otherness, distinctiveness. We worship as the divine the distinct, personal, triune Creator, who placed essential distinctions within the creation. This is a ‘heterocosmology,’ a worldview based on otherness and difference. This is often called ‘theism.’

Both of these worldviews, whether implicitly assumed or explicitly embraced, require the same fundamental certainty. In other words, if one is ultimately true, the other must be false. In the moral universe of the Bible, knowledge is never neutral. That’s why Paul calls these worldviews ‘the truth’ and ‘the lie’ (Rom. 1:25) (p. 12-13).

In the rest of the book Jones shows that the “intellectual and cultural influences today are promoting a Oneist view of reality – a train headed in the opposite direction from the biblical view.” His goal in the book is to alert the church of this “oneism” that is so prevalent in culture, to help keep the church from adopting a oneism view, and to promote the biblical view of “twoism.” Again, I’m not finished with the book, but so far so good! Stay tuned….

(NOTE: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for honest comments/reviews.)

Shane Lems


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  1. When Peter Jones was in Australia some years ago, I went to every speaking engagement he did within about 100 miles of where I lived. He gave pretty much the same talk each time, but I found that beneficial as it helped me really consolidate and embed what he was saying in my mind and spirit.

    Having been pretty deeply into various kinds of pagan philosophies and New Age practices before I became born again, I resonated deeply with Peter Jones’ message. I had experienced it from both sides, and I knew he was speaking profound truths and had distilled them down so they were easy to explain and comprehend.

    I wish every pastor and Christian would learn from what Jones says about Oneism and Twoism (paganism vv Christianity).

    Most Christians when you say ‘paganism’ think of wooden or metal idols that are worshipped by Hindus and such. They think paganism was something prevalent in the old Roman Empire days, the time of Christ, but it is not widespread now in the western world, They need to wrap their heads around the fact that paganism is the CORE BELIEF of all non-Christian world-views. And in the present day, while most non-Christians in the western world do not actually worship carved idols in temples, they fundamentally are pagan in their beliefs, even though they do not realise that.

    I am not so sure I agree with Peter Jones in regards to his subscription to complementarianism (he and his wife are, or at least used to be, on the board of advisors for CBWM). But that is a minor point for the purposes of this article and the book it is reviewing.

    Thanks Shane for spotlighting another good resource!


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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    I love Peter Jones’ other work especially with his expose and refutation of New Age paganism in our postmodern world. Thanks for sharing about his new book.


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