“Believing is not Doing”or “Sins Countless as the Stars”

 Octavious Winslow to the those struggling with sin, guilt, imperfection, and doubt about the gospel:

“It is not for your worth that you are saved, but for Christ’s worth.  It is not on the ground of your personal merits that you are justified, but on the ground of Christ’s merits alone.  It is not upon the plea of your fitness, your tears, your confessions, your prayers, your duties, that God forgives and accepts you, but simply and exclusively upon the one plea of the Savior’s sacrifice.  The blood of Christ pardons, the righteousness of Christ justifies you, and this is all that you require, or that God demands.  The great work is all done – it is not to BE done.  It is complete, finished, accepted, sealed.  And you, as a lost sinner, without holiness, without strength, without one plea that springs from what you are, have nothing to do.   Believe, and you are saved.  Believing is not doing, it is not meriting.  It is trusting, it is the simple exercise of a faith in Christ which God gives and which the Holy Spirit produces in the heart, so that your salvation, from beginning to end, is entirely out of yourself, in another.”

“…And do you still ask, ‘What then must I DO to be saved?’ Do! I answer – nothing!  All is done, completely and forever done!  Christ has done it all, paid it all, endured it all, suffered it all, finished it all, leaving you, O sin burdened, anxious, trembling, hesitating soul, nothing to do, and only to believe.  …Your sins, countless as the stars, are no barrier to your salvation if you but believe in Jesus.”

Octavious Winslow, Help Heavenward (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2000), 121-122.

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