For Kids: A Revolutionary War Adventure

From time to time here on the blog I like to point out good books for kids (see for example my “Books for Kids” page).  Here’s one to add to that list: Submarines, Secrets, & a Daring Rescue by Robert J. Skead and Robert A. Skead (Grand Rapids: Zonderkidz, 2015).  This is a fictional 206 page story about two teenage brothers who find themselves in the thick of the American War of Independence.  Though the story is fictional, the authors are well-versed in this part of American history, so true events, places, and names show up in an accurate way.

I won’t give any spoilers here (the title is telling), but in case you’re interested in the details, the two main characters of the story are Ambrose and  John (twins).  They are patriots who side with their family and General Washington and the others in the fight against the Redcoats.  Readers of this book should know the basics of the Revolutionary War in order to fully understand this book.  There is a little suspense and violence, but it’s not done in poor taste.  Also, the boys show faith in God as they pray during the tough times.  There’s also good moral lessons here: courage, loyalty, duty, etc.  My 9-year-old enjoyed it quite a bit and said I should give it five stars.

If you need a kid’s book (roughly ages 8-13) that is an enjoyable read, contains accurate historical lessons, and has a moral Christian theme, I recommend this one: Submarines, Secrets, & A Daring Rescue.  Also, there is a prequel to this book (by the same authors): Patriots, Redcoats, and Spies.

NOTE: I received this book from the BookLook blogging program in exchange for an honest review.

shane lems