Marriage, Sex, and Moral Nihilism

Here’s another helpful excerpt from one of Chuck Colson’s previously unpublished short essays:

“We have an absolute duty to start training our children in [the] biblical worldview when they are just beyond the toddler years.  They’ve got to start understanding that there are some basic truths in life, and that if we abandon them, the whole scheme of living unravels.  And marriage is a great example, because very, very few evangelicals, at least that I talk to, have ever heard of marriage talked about this way.  They see it as a covenant with one another and with God – the more devout see it that way – but very few people see it as part of the structure of life built into the fact that God has created us and given us, in His Word, an understanding of man and woman as one [in marriage], and why that is so, and the purpose of it.

“…But if we teach kids that sexual expression is just a matter of personal preference, that sex doesn’t have any moral component, nor does it have any natural or physical order to it, that we are whatever we want to be and may gratify ourselves any way we feel like it, then it’s impossible for marriage to be limited to a man and a woman.”

“In a very short time it will be impossible to preach that homosexual behavior is a sin.  How do you teach that something is a sin when society is saying it is simply a legitimate choice?  This is the camel’s nose under the tent.  This is why the homosexual issue is about a lot more than gay rights.  It’s about deconstructing the moral order of society, and the people behind it know that.  They really are moral nihilists at heart.”

Charles Colson, “An Absolute Duty,” in My Final Word.

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