“Who Am I” by J. Bridges: A Review

Who Am I?: Identity in Christ If you are a follower of Jesus, what answers would you give to this question: “Who am I?”  There are some that might first come to mind, such as “a child of God,” or “a Christian,” or maybe, “A disciple.”  Or, perhaps on those bad days in life we might answer, “I don’t know!” or “I’m not really sure.”  Since we still struggle with sin, sometimes Christians have deep questions about their identity.  Wise counsel and help answering this question is needed!

Jerry Bridges wrote a little booklet to help God’s people answer this very important question: “Who am I?”  In under 100 pages, Bridges gives Christians some biblical insight to consider when they ask questions about their identity.  As with Bridges’ other books, this one is clear, straightforward, easy to understand, gospel centered, and full of biblical truth.

There are eight chapters; each gives a biblical answer to the question, “Who am I?”  I don’t want to give away all Bridges’ answers here because I want our readers to think about answering that question themselves.  For a few examples, however, Bridges talks about justification, adoption, and being a servant of Christ.  I have to admit that the contents weren’t necessarily groundbreaking for me, but I was edified by he way he took Christian truth and applied it to the identity question.  This book did give me a fuller answer to the question at hand.

Who Am I isn’t meant to be a doctoral dissertation on identity, but it is a great introduction to the topic.  I’m also glad to see it is brief, since (I’m guessing) people who are deeply struggling with this question and possibly battling depression (for example) might not have the energy to read through a longer book. Also, this is a good book to give to newer Christians, or Christians who are unable to read longer and deeper theological books.  In fact, I’d give this to a high school student who is wrestling with identity; I’d also give it to an older person who has questions about identity.  Bridges does a fine job of making the subject readable and he constantly focuses the readers on Christ’s work and God’s grace throughout the book.

I do wish there were some application questions at the end of each chapter, since this book might be a good one to read and discuss in a group (or one-on-one) over the course of eight weeks.  However, if you’re leading the group it wouldn’t be tough to write your own sets of discussion questions.  Bottom line: If you’ve been looking for a book like this, or if you’ve not read one like it before, I recommend it!

Jerry Bridges, Who Am I? (n.l. Cruciform Press, 2012).

shane lemsr
hammond, wi

4 thoughts on ““Who Am I” by J. Bridges: A Review”

  1. Thanks, Shane. I will probably get this to read and for our church library.

    In the last year, I have become a pretty big fan of Bridges.

    Looking through the bibliography in his ‘Holiness Day by Day’ (a daily devotional compiled from his other books since 1978 and which you recommended that a while back also ), shows that he knows and dips deep into some of the best (biblical / reformed) theological thinkers of the last few centuries.

    The latest book we read by him was ‘The Gospel for Real Life’, well worth reading and promoting I think.

    Doug W


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