A Navy Seal’s Story

Since I’m interested in military history, when I that saw The Last Rescue by former Navy Seal Howard Wasdin was available to review through the BookLook program, I requested it immediately.  I wasn’t disappointed!  It is a fascinating autobiography of Wasdin’s hard but grace-filled life.  God has brought this man through a lot, that’s for sure!

In these 250+ pages, Wasdin talks about his difficult childhood in some detail, and how it affected him negatively and positively.  He also takes some time to discuss his experiences with the Seals.  I haven’t seen the movie “Black Hawk Down,” but Wasdin was involved in that operation; since I learned that, I bought his other book, Seal Team Six (it’s inexpensive on Kindle).  But this book (The Last Rescue) isn’t only about his experience in the Navy Seals.  Wasdin also talks about his roller coaster life after the Seals, including his injury, rehab, and struggle to move forward after such an excruciating ordeal.

Wasdin does give credit to God for getting him through his hardships and trials.  I have to admit I was hoping to hear more about Wasdin’s spiritual journey.  He did mention it, but not with much detail – he was general rather than specific.  Wasdin mentioned dealing with survivor’s guilt, drunkenness, and other issues, but he didn’t clearly relate these to the gospel.  It is clear that Wasdin finds his hope and strength in the Lord, but I was left wishing he would have been more explicit in this area (i.e. how the cross answers the questions about our guilt and shame, and how the gospel helps us in our relationships).  In other words, the book is rather light on theology.

Having said that, the book was an enjoyable read.  Although it was a little choppy from time to time since he went back and forth (past to present and vice-versa), and since his wife wrote a few paragraphs here and there, I still was able to follow it just fine most of the time.  It’s probably not for kids under 13 or so, since Wasdin does discuss some mature themes (i.e. killing, abuse, drinking, sex, etc.), but he does so in a tactful way (he doesn’t use expletives or vulgar language).  It should be fine for all adults and mature kids to read.

If you’re looking for an example of God working in and through a difficult life, you’ll want to pick this book up: The Last Rescue by Howard Wasdin (with Joel Kilpatrick).   I’ll for sure be letting some friends read it; it will no doubt be an encouraging read for many people.

Thanks to the BookLook blogging program for a copy of this book to review;  I was not compelled to write a positive review.

shane lems
hammond, wi

8 thoughts on “A Navy Seal’s Story”

  1. Thanks for the review. I read his other book Seal Team Six. I don’t think there was anything in that book which would lead you to conclude that he’s a Christian. Did he become a Christian after leaving the Navy?


    1. Wes: he was in a Mormon church for a time, but came out of that. In “The Last Rescue,” he does say that his past involved a works-based approach to spirituality, but then he learned about faith in Christ and grace alone. However, he doesn’t go into it much, like I said. I do wish he was more detailed in this area – the book would have been far more encouraging if he had been.

      The two books have different audiences I suppose. I did notice his thanks to the Lord Jesus in his “acknowledgements” in “Seal Team Six.”

      Thanks for the comments, Wes!


  2. Have you heard of the book Fearless? I enjoyed that a lot and it is also about a Navy Seal in Seal Team 6 who was a Christian. It’s probably my favorite SEAL book.


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