“…Entirely A Matter of Grace”

Amazing Love: The Parable of the Prodigal Son When the prodigal son came back home, Jesus said “his father saw him and felt compassion for him” (Luke 15:20 NASB).  John R. DeWitt has a great commentary on these words:

‘His father saw him’ in all his sin, his wretchedness, and lostness, ‘and had compassion.’  The lesson is that the salvation which the gospel brings is a great salvation because it is able to embrace even the worst.  The love which comes to those who know their ruin and present themselves before the Father in penitence, seeking forgiveness and restoration, has nothing to do with our deserving.  It is entirely a matter of grace.”

“We have forfeited all claim upon the goodness of God; our sin and our rebellion and our rottenness have extended to every part of our being; and if we are to be rescued, if our sins are to be forgiven, if we are to have the hope of eternal life and the resurrection of the dead, then all that must come from Him, not from us.”

John R. DeWitt, Amazing Love, Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1981, 97-98.

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