Terror, Hope, and Rescue

In 2012, Dr. Dilip Joseph and two of his colleagues were taken hostage in Afghanistan by terrorists.  He was rescued by Seal Team Six and some Afghan soldiers.  This past year Joseph’s account of his capture and rescue was published in book form: Kidnapped by the Taliban by Dilip Joseph.  I hadn’t heard of this capture and rescue before, so the book was an eye opener for me.

I want to avoid spoilers, so I won’t get too detailed here.  Let me just say that the book was easy to read – it is well written, well organized, and well-edited.  It isn’t overly long (under 200 pages) and didn’t take me too long to read.  I was fascinated at how Joseph described the terrorists who captured him; the reader gets a real insight into the people involved in this story.  The book is very human – in it you see compassion, evil, sadness, hatred, hospitality, hope, and love.  You’ll also learn about the Afghan culture and the social/political situation in Afghanistan.

It is hard to critique a book like this for various reasons.  Joseph went through a hellish nightmare and the men who rescued him deserve credit for their heroic deed.  At the same time, I was hoping the book would be a little more detailed – though since there may be some security issues, perhaps Joseph wasn’t allowed to give more specifics about the ordeal and rescue.

Also, I was disappointed that there was little mention of Jesus or the gospel in this book.   Joseph clearly did trust God through this nightmare, and I do not question his faith, but I was hoping for more specifics about the Christian faith.  I was also a bit confused when at one point Joseph seemed to equate Allah with the God of Scripture.  In a word, I was hoping for a bit more from the book theologically speaking.

That being said, I had to force myself to set the book down as I was reading it.  I do recommend it to those who want a brief account of Joseph’s experience and how he made it through.  It is relatively clean as well, so if you have kids who are mature enough to read about terrorism/kidnapping, you can let them read this one (my 12-year-old wants to read it, and I think it would be fine for him).  I’m glad I read and own this book!

Dilip Joseph, Kidnapped by the Taliban (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2014).

*I received this book from the “Book Look” Blogger program and was not compelled to give a positive review*

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