Most Gracious God… (Luther’s Prayers)

Product Details This is a nice little book: Luther’s Prayers edited by Herbert Brokering (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 1994).  This book is basically a topically arranged collection of 185 short prayers by Luther  The prayers are gems – beautiful words to a great and merciful God.  As the editor wrote, these prayers “show Luther as one deeply dependent upon grace and mercy.  Mercy, mercy, was his plea, and he trusted that mercy was always present in Christ. Mercy was Luther’s please.  Mercy was God’s promise” (p. 7).  Here are a few examples of Luther’s prayers:

“Lord, misery and misfortune annoy me and oppress me.  I long to be rid of them.  You have said,  Ask and it will be given to you.  So I come and ask.  Amen.”

“We are weak and sick, O Father, and the temptations of the flesh and the world are great and many.  O Father, keep us, and let us not fall again into temptation and sin.  Give us grace that we may remain steadfast and fight bravely to the end.  Without your grace and help we can do nothing.  Amen.”

“Dear Lord Christ, you have enlightened my heart with your truth.  Grant me your Spirit and the power to do and not to do whatever pleases your will.  Amen.”

“Dear God, I have begun to preach and to teach the people.  It is hard.  If it offends here and there, may no harm be done.  Since you have commanded me to preach your Word, I will not stop.  If it fails, it fails for you.  If it succeeds, it succeeds for you and me.  Amen.”

“Most gracious God, you are indeed a God of the weak and sinful.  They feel their need and anxiety, and from the heart they desire your grace, comfort, and help.  They have the promise of your Word, ‘Come to me, all that are weary and carry heavy burdens.’  Lord, I am in great trouble and distress.  I accept the invitation to come.  Help me because of your mercy and truth.  Amen.”

“Dear Lord, pour out your grace to me and give me your Holy Spirit so that I may be obedient and keep each of your commandments.  Help me to be at odds with the world and to give my heart and soul to you.  Amen.”

I highly recommend this small booklet of Luther’s prayers – they make great devotional reading.  You can get a used copy on Amazon for around $5 or on Kindle for just under $10.

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