Christianity: Different From Every Other Religion

Encounters with Jesus: Unexpected Answers to Life's Biggest Questions Question: What makes the Christian religion different from every other religion in the world?  Timothy Keller has a good answer for this question:

“The essence of what makes Christianity different from every other religion and form of thought is this: Every other religion says if you want to find God, if you want to improve yourself, if you want to have higher consciousness, if you want to connect with the divine, however it is defined – you have to do something.  You have to gather your strength, you have to keep the rules, you have to free your  mind, you have to fill your mind, you have to be above average.  Every other religion or human philosophy says if you want to make the world right, or yourself right, then summon all your reason and your strength, and live in a certain way.”

“Christianity says the exact opposite.  Every other religion and philosophy says you have to do something to connect to God; but Christianity says no, Jesus Christ came to do for you what you couldn’t do for yourself.  Every other religion says here are the answers to the big questions, but Christianity says Jesus is the answer to them all.  So many systems of thought appeal to strong, successful people, because they play directly into their belief that if you are strong and hardworking enough, you will prevail.  But Christianity is not just for the strong; it’s for everyone, especially for people who admit that, where it really counts, they’re weak.  It is for people who have the particular kind of strength to admit that their flaws are not superficial, their heart is deeply disordered, and that they are incapable of rectifying themselves.  It is for those who can see that they need a savior, that they need Jesus Christ dying on the cross, to put them right with God.”

Timothy Keller, Encounters with Jesus, p. 9-10.

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3 comments on “Christianity: Different From Every Other Religion

  1. Robert says:

    This is complete BS this writer has no clue want genuine Christianity is. This is nothing but the empty headed phony Christianity practiced by those who know nothing of Gods requirements for Christians. At Luke 13:24 Jesus said ““Exert yourselves vigorously to get in through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will seek to get in but few will be able.” Christianity is not “Believe in Jesus and presto you are in. it requires genuine effort to serve God in the way he says is acceptable to him.


  2. As a teacher of world religion courses over the years (and former evangelical) I would say the statements in this post reveal a great lack of experience with persons of diverse faith perspectives. I also wonder why a faith supposedly based on humility needs to prove its superiority at every chance.


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