What is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church?

For our church information table, I recently ordered a package of the new brochure/pamphlets printed by the OPC to introduce people to the gospel and give them information about the OPC.  I thought it was really well done, so I wanted to share it here (you can see and/or order it online here).   What follows is an edited summary of the brochure that answers the question: What is the OPC?

1) A Christian Church.  At the most basic level, this means that we believe what the Bible says and try to put it into practice.  …By his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus secured forgiveness of sins and eternal life for all who desire it.  …Other religions command us to earn acceptance.  Christianity teaches that we live new lives because we have been accepted already through Jesus!  This is why Christians call the message of the Bible ‘good news’ (gospel).  As a Christian church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.  And we welcome into our fellowship all who believe in our Savior.

2) A Presbyterian Church.  In its essence, this means that we are confessional and connectional.  Confessional: we insist on being transparent about what we believe the Bible teaches.  That is why we publish our confession, the Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.  While these documents summarize Bible teaching, they never take the place of the Bible itself, which is always our primary standard and final authority.  Connectional: Congregations in the OPC are led by their elders, who serve on the local (session), regional (presbytery), and national (general assembly) levels.  At every stage, our church government provides accountability and connects each congregation to the worldwide mission of the church.

3) A Growing Church. In North America, we plant churches in small towns and large cities.  Overseas, we send and support missionaries who work to raise up churches led by local people.  At home and abroad, we publish books, pamphlets, and magazines aimed to help Christians know, love, and serve Jesus better.

This last point is perhaps the most important thing to remember about the OPC: we live to glorify and enjoy God forever as our chief end.

Again, to see the entire pamphlet, you can find it online in its entirety: here (low res) or here (hi-res).

shane lems
covenant presbyterian church (OPC)
hammond, wi

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  1. Thanks for sharing Shane, we are members of an OPC church here in Birmingham and this brochure seems very simple but very full of good info.


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