Logos on Android: A Review

I’ve been using Logos 5 (the Reformed Platinum Package) since July of this year (my review is here).  While I don’t use the Logos app as much as the desktop version, it is for sure worth mentioning.  For the record, I use the Android version of the app (4.3.8 Build 286) on a 7-inch Samsung tablet, and have come to appreciate several aspects of it.  (There are apps for iOS, Kindle, Windows, and Mac as well.)   Below is a bullet point list of features, benefits, and weaknesses of the Android app:

1) Features: First, the app is free and you can sync your desktop version of Logos to the app version.  Second, of course, you can search the Bible in various translations and the original Hebrew/Greek.  Third, you can read your Logos books on the app, take notes, and make highlights. Fourth, like the Logos desktop version, you can utilize the passage guide, exegetical guide, word study feature, and topical guide.  Finally, there is a split screen option, where you can read (for example) a text and its commentary together.

2) Benefits: I’m not one who carries a smart phone around or uses a tablet extensively, so I have to admit I don’t use all the benefits the app offers.  However, I like the fact that I can do word searches and basic Bible studies on this app.  I’ve used it for regular Bible reading as well.  Probably the biggest benefit of this app for me is the ability to read my Logos books on it – for example, I’ve read parts of Shedd’s “Homiletics and Pastoral Theology,” Vos’ “Reformed Dogmatics,” some of Augustine’s letters, and some of Ridgley’s “Body of Divinity,” among others.  This is the main reason I like the app: I have access to my Logos Reformed library (note: you do have to download a resource if you want to read it online).

3) Weaknesses: The app has so many uses that it isn’t always easy to navigate.  For example, I haven’t figured out how to quickly access my collections (e.g. Puritans, Dictionaries, Commentaries).  I also have a tough time quickly finding a book to read (e.g. finding Calvin’s commentary on the Psalms).  Another thing I found frustrating is figuring out the finer details of syncing; it’s not overly intuitive.  In a word, the app is really good, but it’s for sure not perfect.  To be fair, there is some online help – Logos.com has some great forums and videos and tech support.  However, the Android support isn’t as good as the desktop support, which is understandable since the desktop version is the workhorse.  (As a side, I wish I could read my Logos resources on Kindle, since my eyes become fatigued by reading on a tablet.)

In a word, I view the Logos Android app something like a “Logos Lite” for my tablet.  I wouldn’t pay a lot of money for it, but since it is free, and since it does sync (to some extent) with Logos desktop, it is certainly worth downloading and utilizing.  One more thing: since the people at Logos are constantly working to improve the product and help those of us who use it, I’m guessing over time this app and the others will get better and better.

For those interested in Logos Bible software – specifically a Reformed Package – the people at Logos have set up a code for our “ReformedReaders” to use for a discount (READERS6).  Follow the LINK for more info.

(I’m grateful to our friends at Logos.com who have provided me with a review copy of Logos 5 software!  Thanks again!)

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5 comments on “Logos on Android: A Review

  1. D Wallace says:

    Thanks for the helpful review and discount link Shane!

    Since Logos 6 just came out, I’m having to reevaluate all the options for upgrading, etc. to the new platform including added books in various base / Reformed packages, etc. Will be thinking over for the next few weeks / months to determine a good approach.

    One package has the whole Pillar commentary series in it as it stands now and other lots of other resources – tempting.

    I have Logos 5 Diamond with Reformed Platinum (all now paid off thankfully) and various other things – Community Pricing or Pre-Pubs, so makes decisions tougher I suppose.

    Thanks again and blessings,



  2. John C. says:

    Thank you so much for the review. I appreciate your outlook on the use and functionality of the app. I also use the Android version of the app, and although I like the capabilities, I do find a couple things that are a bit challenging. You’ve already mentioned the navigating aspect, but I also find that the app doesn’t sync too well with my other devices, i.e. smartphone to tablet and vice versa. This includes highlighted verse and notes. Additionally, I find it a bit challenging to remove highlights as well. For example, If I want to use the “fire” option to highlight a portion of text to make it really stand out, it’s not as easy to remove it or change it to another type of highlight. I don’t know – maybe it’s just me and my lack of experience with using the program. I don’t have the desktop version. Prayerfully, I can get my hands on Logos 5 at a cheaper price since Logos 6 has been released. I’m keeping my eye out!

    With all that said, the app is still great in what I am able to use it for. It’s pretty much my “go to” app for studying and reading. And the good folks at Logos are very gracious with the “Free Book of the Month” offers!

    Again, thanks for the review. You have a new subscriber here!

    Grace and Peace to you,


  3. John and Doug, thanks for the comments! I also saw that Logos 6 is out, but I think I’m sticking with 5 because I’m still learning how to use it. Feel free to comment in the future if you have more suggestions or anything. Blessings!


  4. Tip : If you are just reading, use the Faithlife Vyrso app. You can read your Logos books and it is much more simple.


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