A Pastor’s Prayer (Valley of Vision)

The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions Here’s an excellent pastor’s prayer (slightly edited) from the Valley of Vision:

“O my Lord,
Let not my ministry be approved only by men,
or merely win the esteem and affections of people…
Save me from self-opinion and self-seeking;
Make my every sermon a means of grace to myself,
and help me to experience the power of thy dying love,
For thy blood is balm, thy presence bliss, thy smile heaven,
and thy cross the place where truth and mercy meet.

Look upon the doubts and discourages of my ministry,
and keep me from self-importance;
I beg pardon for my many sins, omissions, infirmities,
as a man, as a minister;
Command thy blessing on my weak, unworthy labors
and on the message of salvation given.

When I preach to others
Let not my words be merely elegant and masterly
My reasoning polished and refined
My performance powerless and tasteless,
But may I exalt thee and humble sinners.”

Valley of Vision, p 184.

rev. shane lems
hammond, wi

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  1. Plan to pass this on to my pastor, but he might consider this as criticism and judgment on my part , but maybe I’m too sensitive about his reaction, so it may say more about me than about him.


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