By The Grace of God

Here’s part of a letter John Newton wrote to a friend in 1775.  I can very much identify:

“[The Lord] is my sun; but clouds, and sometimes walls, intercept him from my view.  He is my strength; yet I am prone to lean upon reeds.  He is my friend; but on my part there is such coldness and ingratitude as no other friend could bear.  But still he is gracious, and shames me with repeated multiplied goodness.”

“O for a warmer heart, a more simple dependence, a more active zeal, a more sensible deliverance from the effects of this body of sin and death!  He helps me in my endeavors to keep the vineyards of others; but alas! my own does not seem to flourish as some do around me.”

“However, though I cannot say I labor more abundantly than they all, I have reason to say, with thankfulness, ‘By the grace of God, I am what I am.’  My poor story would soon be much worse, did not he support, restrain, and watch over me every minute.”

John Newton, Works, I.626.

rev shane lems
hammond, wi
covenant presbyterian church (OPC)


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  1. Lon says:

    Me too. I could add, “oh that I could pray with the attention and clarity of expression His Majesty deserves…”


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