Owen’s Conclusion

The Works of John Owen, Volume 10: The Death of Christ I appreciate how John Owen ended his book, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ.  I’ve put it in linear format to make it easier to read.

Only, for a close, I desire the reader to peruse that one place, Rom. 8:32–34; and I make no doubt but that he will, if not infected with the leaven of the error opposed, conclude with me,
that if there be any comfort,
any consolation,
any assurance,
any rest,
any peace,
any joy,
any refreshment,
any exultation of spirit,
to be obtained here below, it is all to be had in the blood of Jesus long since shed,
and his intercession still continued;
as both are united and appropriated to the elect of God,
by the precious effects and fruits of them both drawn to believe and preserved in believing,
to the obtaining of an immortal crown of glory, that shall not fade away.

Owen, John. The Works of John Owen Ed. William H. Goold. Vol. 10. (Edinburgh: T&T Clark), 421.

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  1. Good timing; I just bought The Death of Death… for a couple bucks on Amazon. Looking forward to it.


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