The Excellencies of Redemption in Christ

 Thomas Brooks gives six “excellent properties of that redemption that we have by Jesus Christ.”  I’ll summarize them below:

1) It is a great redemption.  The greatness of the person employed in this work speaks out the work to be a great work.  The great and invaluable price that was paid for our redemption speaks it out to be a great redemption (the precious blood of Christ; 1 Pet. 1:18).  The making of the world was a great work of God, but it only cost him a word of his mouth; he spoke the word, and it was done.  The work of redemption, however, cost Christ’s dearest blood.  It was a redemption from sin’s guilt, dominion, damnatory power; a redemption from the power of Satan, the curse of the law, and from hell and the wrath to come.

2) It is a free and gracious redemption.  All the rungs in this ladder of redemption are made up of free, rich, and sovereign grace.  Though our redemption cost Christ dearly, to us it is most free (Rom. 3:24).  Our redemption is from the free love and favor of God.  It was free grace that God provided a surety who would undertake the work of redemption, carry it on and complete it.  And it was free grace that moved God to apply this redemption to his people.

3) It is a full and plenteous redemption.  With the Lord there is plenteous redemption (Ps. 130:7).  Christ redeems us from all sin and all the consequences of sin.  He redeems from death, the law, the curse, God’s wrath, this present evil age, and from the wicked.  Christ does not do his work by halves.  All his works are perfect; there is no defect or flaw in them at all.  Christ does not redeem us from some of our sins and leave us to grapple with the rest.  No, he pays all debts, cuts all scores, delivers from all wrath, removes the whole curse, saves to the uttermost, and will settle us in glory.

4) It is an everlasting redemption.  Jesus obtained eternal redemption for his people (Heb 9:12).  The ransom which Christ paid was the ground of man’s full and eternal redemption.  The liberty that Jesus brings the elect is permanent and lasting.  It is irremovable and unchangeable to all eternity.

5) It is an enriching redemption.  It is a redemption that makes Christians rich in ‘spiritual blessings in the heavenly places’ (Eph. 1:3).  There are many choice spiritual blessings that go hand in hand with redemption: reconciliation, forgiveness, justification, adoption, sanctification, and glorification (Rom. 3:24-25, 5:1).  Redemption is a rich mine, containing a mass of treasure that is beyond counting.  There are unsearchable riches in Jesus Christ (Eph. 3:8).

6) It is a sweetening redemption.  That is, it is a redemption by Christ that sweetens all our redemption out of this trouble, that affliction, this danger, that sickness, and this bondage.  It is a redemption that sweetens our trials like the tree that Moses cast into the bitter waters of Marah (Ex. 15).  God sweetens our greatest troubles and trials by the redemption we have in Christ.

Thomas Brooks, The Golden Key and Other Hidden Treasures.  Found in his Works, volume 5, pages 354-358.

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