Bullinger: Stick Fast Unto the Word

Around 1550, Swiss Reformer Henry (Heinrich) Bullinger’s sermons (called The Decades of Henry Bullinger) were published.  Bullinger preached on faith, justification, the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, the law, the gospel, the sacraments, and so forth.  At the beginning of these sermons Bullinger focused on God’s Word – what it is and why it is necessary for us.  Here’s how he beautifully concludes his second sermon on God’s Word.

“For the Lord in the word of truth hath delivered to his church all that is requisite to true godliness and salvation. Whatsoever things are necessary to be known touching God, the works, judgments, will and commandments of God, touching Christ, our faith in Christ, and the duties of a holy life; all those things, I say, are fully taught in the word of God. Neither needeth the church to crave of any other, or else with men’s supplies to patch up that which seemeth to be wanting in the word of the Lord.”

“For the Lord did not only, by the lively expressed voice of the apostles, teach our fathers the whole sum of godliness and salvation; but [he] did provide also, that it, by the means of the same apostles, should be set down in writing. And that doth manifestly appear, that it was done for the posterity’s sake, that is, for us and our successors, to the intent that none of us nor ours should be seduced, nor that false traditions should be popped into any of our mouths instead of the truth. We must all therefore beware, we must all watch, and stick fast unto the word of God, which is left to us in the scriptures by the prophets and apostles.”

“Finally, let our care be wholly bent, with faith and profit to hear whatsoever the Lord declareth unto us: let us cast out and tread under foot whatsoever, by our flesh, the world, or the devil, is objected to be a let (hindrance) to godliness. We know what the diseases and plagues of the seed of God’s word, sowed in the hearts of the faithful, are. We [also] know how great the power of God’s word is in them which hear it devoutly.”

“Let us therefore beseech our Lord God to pour into our minds his holy Spirit, by whose virtue the seed of God’s word may be quickened in our hearts, to the bringing forth of much fruit to the salvation of our souls, and the glory of God our Father. To whom be glory for ever.”

Henry Bullinger, The First Decade of Sermons: The Second Sermon.  Found in Thy Word Is Still Truth e.d. Peter Lillback and Richard Gaffin Jr. (Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2013), p. 72-73.

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