The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification – Reprinted!

Image 1  This is very good: Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) recently reprinted Walter Marshall’s 1692 publication, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification.  Marshall was a 17th century English Puritan (nonconformist) who struggled with spiritual depression (i.e. lack of assurance and peace) for a time.  He read Baxter extensively, but questioned it for its legalism.  A discussion with Thomas Goodwin set him straight: Marshall realized that he was focusing too much on his righteousness and not enough on Christ’s righteousness and grace.  “When he focused upon Christ, he found holiness, peace of conscience, and joy in the Holy Ghost” (Meet the Puritansp. 416).
We’ve blogged on The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification a few times here and we highly recommend it.  In fact, John Murray called this book “the most important book on sanctification ever written.”  Get it soon!

2 thoughts on “The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification – Reprinted!”

  1. “every thing is a blessing and a curse and the rain falls on us all – its best to get soaking wet and embrace the reality of it all and wed grief and joy as a gift wrapped in the same moment and feel the wonder you cannot control”
    Sanctification is a daily affair and the mystery is a personal risk


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